The Invisalign 6 Million Smiles Milestone And What This Means For Dentists

Invisalign clear braces treatment has revolutionised the field of orthodontics. Since the innovation of clear aligners, a new field of invisible orthodontics has emerged. This has been a win for patients, in particular adult patients who have avoided fixed braces at all costs but who have been unhappy with the appearance of their smile. And the technology has also been a win for dental providers worldwide who have benefited from a new private dentistry treatment which is popular and adds to their bottom line.

Recently the 6 million smiles milestone has been reached, showing 6 million patients worldwide having completed their Invisalign treatment. For patients and practices internationally this is a big deal. The majority of patients are adults and the prospect of clear braces has enabled them to straighten and enhance their smile without interruptions, dentist Fort Wayne and other dental offices are able to provide case studies of success for other dentists in the area and other states. The clear aligners are removable which means there are no restrictions on food or drink choices, compared to fixed metal braces. In addition, they are smooth and comfortable to wear with no wires or brackets to cause any discomfort. Tooth rotations are gentle and do not cause pain in the same way as metal braces which can cause pain when fitted or adjusted.

Patients must wear their aligners for 22 plus hours each day, but patients report a very high satisfaction rate during and after completion of their treatment. Treatment involves wearing a set of aligners and moving up to the next aligner every 7 – 14 days as advised by their dentist. Demand for Invisalign has been fuelled by many factors, in addition to a new level of choice for adult dental patients, social media and lifestyle demands have made clear braces highly desirable.

Patients love the fact that there are no interruptions on their quest for straight teeth. The treatment is available to treat mild, moderate and severe cases and can be used for teen and adult patients alike. As there are so many patients who have completed treatment, the technology markets itself in some respects. Dentists therefore find that acceptance rates for treatment are high, and that there is considerable demand for the treatment.

For dentists who are not currently offering the treatment, they may find that they are missing out on profits and growth opportunities. This may strengthen the hand of other competing practices so dentists in this position should consider offering the treatment in order to meet the needs of patients who may otherwise choose to go elsewhere. Or they could consider a partnership with an other practice on a referral basis so that they take advantage of the global demand for invisible orthodontics.