Studying The Specifics: What To Consider When Choosing Your Dental Practice

When choosing a dental office, it is important to choose the most suitable clinic for you and your family. There are many considerations to think about and this article has been drafted to help you make the best decision. Once you have drafted a shortlist of possible dentists, here are some expert tips on what you need to consider. Firstly dental care is a personalised service and having a good relationship with your dentist is important in receiving the best possible care. Here are the key areas to consider.

The dental practice – firstly the dental practice – how is it run, is it part of a group or an independent dental office? does it provide private or public care. Who are the dentists or dentist in charge? is it owned and operated by a dentist? What is the track record and reputation of the dental practice? What are the reception team like, how friendly and relatable are the staff. When you have found your dental specialist make sure you attend regular appointments.

The dental services – what treatments are provided and for whom? for example do they provide care for children if you have family dental needs. What treatments are provided, for example dental checkups and hygiene cleanings would be the base but what other treatments are provided? these include cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care, although these are not essential as you can still be registered with a practice and attend another clinic for a specialised treatment. Other dental treatments include dental implants, veneers, tooth whitening, Invisalign, clear braces, fixed braces and more. Some dental practices also offer aesthetic beauty treatments. What are the fees and payment plans available, how are treatments priced and is dental insurance accepted towards the cost of treatment. Is the dentist a member of the relevant dental associations.

The location and access of your chosen practice is important to ensure it is easy to attend scheduled and unscheduled appointments as necessary. Is the location central, is parking provided, are there transport links? what are the open hours and is the practice convenient for you and your family. Is the appointment schedule convenient for you? How long does it take you to get to the practice.

The facilities – over recent years there has been a move to a dental spa experience, instead of just a dentist and waiting room type of experience. What is the ambience of the practice and how does this make you feel? if you can have a relaxing experience then this is a clear bonus.

Out of hours care – what is the out of hours provision, do they provide an emergency out of hours contact number that patients can reach 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year round? This is essential and should be provided by all practices for any dental emergencies.

Added extras – what added extras do they provide, for example extra care or dental health programs for children? do they provide reassurance and treatment for nervous or anxious patients and free samples for patients to try out different products and brands.

Start with these expert tips to ensure a great dental experience and the best possible care and results. If you have any questions please contact your potential dentists to discuss these. They will be pleased to help.