A pediatric dentist is a dentist that specializes in children's dentistry. This particular dentist has received a few additional years of training for working specifically with children. They've learned some fine skills for communicating with children and helping them to understand the importance of proper oral care.

Many techniques that they use will be to teach the children how to properly brush and floss.


There are a range of methods and techniques for tooth brushing, and some custom advice may be provided by dentists to individual patients. The general advice is to put the toothbrush against the gums at an angle of 45 degrees in order to remove plaque from around the gingival margin, and to move the toothbrush back and forth in short strokes, this should be done in a gentle manner so as not to cause sore gums or receding gums which is also possible, in particular with the use of powered tooth brushes.


Medications can also be contributory to the decrease in the production of saliva. Some forms of antihistamines and antidepressants can lower saliva production. It is strongly recommended to consult with a dentist to avoid such complications.

Dental cavities are strongly associated with other factors such as poor dental hygiene, receding gums, as well as poverty.

Signs and symptoms

One of the biggest problems with dental caries is that most people might not be aware that they have them.


Crowding or Spacing Problems - Having too little or excessive room for the teeth may lead to crowding or spacing problems. If there is crowding, the permanent teeth may be impacted or prevented from properly coming in.

Misplaced Midline - If your midline is misplaced, this means that the center line of your upper front teeth does not match up with its counterpart in the lower front teeth.


Here are the different ways to find your own dentist:

1. Ask for recommendations from your family and friends.

2. Ask your own doctor if he can recommend a good dentist.

3. Look online for dentist clinic reviews in your area.

4. Visit for a list of licensed dentists in your area.

5. Contact other local dental associations to find out the nearest dental clinics based on where you live.